Create Your Tags . . .

You can create your tags by hand on a 3x5 index card.  Secure the tag to your items with tape (toys/books) or safety pins (clothing). If your items are in a clear bag, please place the tag inside the bag with the information facing out.

Tag templates...

Our printable tag templates will allow you to quickly print tags with your consignor number and a price. (Please print on card-stock or heavy weight paper.)

Here is how it works...
After registering, you will receive an email confirmation and your consignor information.

Attached to this email will be printable tags with your consignor number and prices already on them.

You can simply print the tags you want on card stock and start tagging.

Please add gender, size & description if applicable.

Tag Placement & Other Tips . . .

Any toys with small parts can be put in a ziplock bag. Place the index card inside the ziplock bag. You should tape the bag shut so little hands can't get in and take pieces out before it is sold. If you have items in a box make sure you are putting packing tape over the top so little hands don't get in.

Large Items
For any large items such as cribs, play equipment, strollers, etc please place the index card in an easy to see spot. If small pieces come with it please place them in a ziplock bag and attach to the large item.

Tape the index card somewhere on these items or in their bag if applicable.

No Staples Or Stick Pins!
Do not staple any bags or tags. Do not use stick pins for clothing or tags.

For sets of clothing you can use pant hangers or safety pin the bottoms to the top.

For bottoms you can use pant hangers or use safety pins to attach to a child or wire hanger.

Please button buttons, zip zippers & snap snaps. Appearance can mean the difference of your item being sold or not.

For delicate items, feel free to pin the safety pin in a discreet area if you are worried it will leave a hole.

Shoes can be put in a ziplock bag, safety pinned together, or rubber banded together