Quality Guidelines & What's accepted
We may refuse any items to maintain the quality of the sale
Items Must Be...

Tagged prior to drop off

All item prices must be set at dollar increments (no cents please) having a minimum price of $2. (For booking reasons and to ensure higher quality items). Ex: $ 2, $ 6, $ 25.

In good, working condition WITH working batteries.

Including ALL Pieces

Not broken

Not recalled
Acceptable Items to Consign at this Toy & Baby Gear sale:

    Max of 5 pieces of hung Christmas or holiday children's clothing (dresses, suits, dress shirts, Christmas pjs). Size 0-18.

Books, videos/dvds (G or PG), games, puzzles, video games (rated Teen or less), etc. All must work.

Any toys that kids play with! (No stuffed animals, please). Make sure the toy works and if it requires batteries, that working batteries are in it. Batteries can be purchased at Dollar Tree. Please make sure ALL OF THE PIECES are included when you sell a toy, game, or puzzle. No one wants to buy an incomplete game.

Here are some ideas of what is accepted including brands: Puzzles, games, books, trains, dolls, doll houses, shape sorters, rattles, pull toys, push toys, action figures, musical instruments, American Girl, Imaginext, Scooby, Dora, Diego, Ninja Turtle, Spongebob, Lego, Lincoln log, Lalaloopsy, Disney Princess, Barbie, Curious George, Fisher Price, Playskool, Little People, Thomas the Train, Little Tikes, My Little Pony, John Deere, Tonka, Angry Birds, Cars, Mega Blok, Elmo, Pooh, Strawberry Shortcake, Leap Frog, Vtech, Polly Pocket, Littlest Pet Shop, Cabbage Patch, Easy Bake, Toy Story, Batman, Star Wars, Geotrax, Mickey, Hello Kitty, Marvel Super Heroes & MORE!

Car seats, strollers, bassinets, swings, pack n plays, exersaucers, high chairs, bouncy seats, jumperoos, baby gates, walkers, play mats, activity centers, sit n spins, think LARGE items.

Cribs (no drop side), bunk beds, twin beds, toddler beds, dressers, toy boxes, changing tables, etc

Outdoor Play Equipment
Slides, forts, bikes, helmets, winter sporting equipment, small play sets, sleds, etc

Other Items
Don't hesitate to ask us if you have questions about if an item is accepted or not (Click Here
Items that will NOT be accepted. at the Toy & Baby Gear sale:

CLOTHING-no men, women, jr. -Max of 5 hung children's Christmas pieces.
breast pumps
potty chairs
diaper pails
cloth diapers
bath tubs
diaper bags
room decor
baby carriers
rock n plays

Expired or Recalled Items
We will not accept any expired or recalled Items.  It is your responsibility to check your items and make sure they are not recalled:

No drop side cribs will be accepted due to recalls and banning of resale of these items.

Bumbos will only be accepted if they have the replacement straps.

Car seats 
All car seats must not be expired or expire within 1 year of the sale and NEVER have been in an accident or recalled. Please write expiration date on the index card.

Stuffed Animals
We do not accept stuffed animals unless they are educational or have another specific function.

Other Items
Items that are broken or are missing pieces.

Again, please ask us if you have any questions (Click Here).