Pricing Tips that may help you sell more items...

A good price to charge for an item is about 1/4 to 1/3 of what the item would cost brand new.

Consider this a time to make some extra cash! Do not waste your time or energy by pricing items too high.

Consider making your items half price for the last day! (for spring/fall sales)

The success of ABC Kids Children's Consignment Sale depends on a good turnout of shoppers- let's give them the deals they are looking for- then they will tell their friends who will buy more of your items! 

Packaging Tips that we have found useful...

If you have smaller toy items, group them together in a ziplock bag to make the minimum $2 price. If you put items in a ziplock bag, please place the tag inside the bag OR make sure it is SECURELY attached to the outside of the bag- packing tape works best.

For Spring/Fall Sales:
Hangers will not be returned at the end of the sale on any items that have sold. We give the hangers to the shoppers when they buy an item. 

If you have clothes, you can pin several items together or put sets of hats or bibs in a ziplock bag together. Clothing sells much better on a hanger, please do not put clothing in baggies.

Many stores will give out their hangers for free IF they have extra. You will need to call ahead to ask, ask politely, and bring your own bag or box to take them home in. Please be respectful and remember they are giving them to you for free. Try Kohls or Old Navy.. Call ahead a few days in advance.